Front-End Developer Roadmap

Ajay Dhangar
1 min readNov 25, 2022


Front-End Developer Roadmap

Starting with web development can be overwhelming. This front-end developer roadmap will guide you to start with it in the proper way. We will cover the most important building blocks of the web. This guide will help you to become a modern front-end developer.

Learn the Basics — HTML


⭐ Basics

⭐ Emmet

⭐ Forms

⭐ Semantic HTML

⭐ SEO Basics

Learn the Basics — CSS





⭐Box Model





⭐Media Queries

⭐Pseudo Elements

⭐Pseudo Classes


Learn the Basics — JS


⭐Basic Syntax

⭐DOM Manipulation

⭐Fetch API / Ajax

⭐Async Await

⭐Event Listeners

⭐ES6+ JavaScript



⭐Array Methods




Learn any CSS Framework

💫These are the most popular ones




You don’t need to learn all the things mention in this roadmap to become a front-end developer or get a job as a front-end developer. There is no end of learning in web development there’s always something to learn.

So never stop learning!

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